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Recorded in a bathroom and hot, sweaty room, Philadelphia. Overdubbed in bedrooms, Seattle and Los Angeles.


released July 27, 2010

Rachel & Nicole both play guitar, drum, and sing.
Mixed by Nicole.

Album art by Nicole.



all rights reserved


SLUTEVER Los Angeles, California


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Track Name: Seventh Grade
You smell like piss
My heart beat's fast as shit
It starts like this
God, i really hoped for it

You grab my hand
And i want you bad
That feels so right
You look really really nice

Your cutoff shirt
I feel like a pervert
Let's fuck all night
We'll blow our homework off

McDonalds later on
I'm watching cartoons now
All day at the mall
I'm kinda broke so what

The backseat of your car
Lipstick on your neck
That feels so right
You look really really nice

Your cutoff shirt
I feel like a pervert
Lets fuck all night
We'll blow our homework off

Dirty teenage love
Dirty teenage love
Dirty teenage love
I want your teenage love
Track Name: Sun Hot
Wet hands
Ice cream coughs
Cold teeth
Sun's hot

Drug yawns
Pillow talk
Quick nap
Sun's hot

Strong drink
Why not's
Bare legs
Sun's hot

Long drive
Quick stop
Thick smoke
Sun's hot
Track Name: So Prone
Be kind
Please let me come inside
It's cold and getting dark and you are sorry and i'm tired

Dont hide
I can see it in your eyes
That you can't stand to be alone, but then you never really tried


So prone
To blood and broken bones
I only asked if you still loved me and you said to let it go

Oh no
A butterfly exposed
We're just a casualty of growth and we've got nowhere else to go

You're sick of saying sorry and i'm tired of saying no
Track Name: Smells Like Milk
I told you you smelled nice
You told me to shut up
I bought you real nice things
You bit at my hand

We had a little love dino
He's probably still at your house
Unless one of those shitheads threw him out

What the fuck is up?
What the fuck
What the fuck is up?
What the fuck

Summer came along
And everyone moved out
I told you you could live with me,
You could stay at my house

So we called all your friends
We were always together
Nothing felt more right
Nothing was better

Where the fuck are you guys now?
Where the fuck are you guys now?
Where the fuck are you guys now?
Where the fuck

My baby, my baby
I only think of you
And when i do,
It makes me feel blue

I stay up all night
And i never go to sleep
Cause when i do, i dream of you and me
Track Name: Teen Mom
There's more love on the TV
I wish it was with me
But i don't love anyone
The way that i loved you

Your new girl
She hates me
She acts like you never dated me
Don't talk to me when you're talking to her

This feeling, so shitty
My heart, it's such a pity
You bite your lip
You walk away

Teen moms, they have it hard
Teen moms with broken hearts
Nobody loves anybody, we are all alone
Nobody loves anybody, that's why i'm staying home
Track Name: No Offense
If i'd been in your shoes
I don't think i would'a choosed
To do anything i knew you couldn't bare

Now if it were up to me
You'd be swallowed by the sea
And you'd never ever come back up for air

I don't mean no offense
But your life's a fucking mess
And i'm overtired of calling you my friend

You're unemployed and bored
More and more, i'm pretty sure
That i'm happy that you couldn't hold your end


I came here for my bearings
And i left with understanding
Why you're gradually ending up more on your own

You look just like a sheep
For someone with such sharp teeth
After all this time, your cover's finally blown