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This 7" was released by Bantic Media in 2011.


released 29 March 2011

Rachel & Nicole both play guitar, drum, and sing.
Recorded at Drexel University by James Clark Connor.
Mixed by Justin Chapman.
Mastered by Ryan Schwabe at the Maniac Mansion.

Album art by Nicole and Lauren Kane.



all rights reserved


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Track Name: RIP Maple
I stop and I stare
With these visions of you everywhere
And I forget what day it is
I forget where my house is
I forget what's going on
I forget what's real, what's not
I still see you
And I'm not sure why I do
But trust me, baby, when I say
That I still will anyway
Walking around with you
Track Name: I Can Dream the Rest Away
You sleep for the peace
But the peace will never come
'Cause you wake up alone
And you're a sweaty mess

He's there with you at night
And in the morning he is gone
It's driving you insane
But it's better than having no one

You're sleepless, you're restless
This will never go away
You're shutting the blinds
You're sleeping all day
It's over, it's finished, I want to throw up on your face
Leave me alone, give me my space

You know it's getting bad
When you wanna just collapse
So you smoke a little bit
To try and help you relax

This will never get better
Even though you thought it would
'Cause loving someone so bad
Should never feel so good
Track Name: So Prone
Be kind, please let me come inside
It's cold and getting dark and you are sorry and I'm tired

Dont hide, I can see it in your eyes
That you can't stand to be alone, but then you never really tried

So prone to blood and broken bones
I only asked if you still loved me and you said to let it go

Oh no, a butterfly exposed
We're just a casualty of growth and we've got nowhere else to go

You're sick of saying sorry and i'm tired of saying no
Track Name: No Offense
If i'd been in your shoes
I don't think i would'a choosed
To do anything i knew you couldn't bare

Now if it were up to me
You'd be swallowed by the sea
And you'd never ever come back up for air

I don't mean no offense
But your life's a fucking mess
And i'm overtired of calling you my friend

You're unemployed and bored
More and more, i'm pretty sure
That i'm happy that you couldn't hold your end

I came here for my bearings
And i left with understanding
Why you're gradually ending up more on your own

You look just like a sheep
For someone with such sharp teeth
After all this time, your cover's finally blown